Swapples® are waffles made with whole fruits, veggies and spices. No seriously. That's it! We reinvented waffles by 'swapping' out processed sugars, thickeners and refined flours for 6 real-food ingredients or less (hence, 'Swapples' - clever, right?!) Whether you've gotta dress them up for the perfect Instagram shot or swear by the 'wrap-it-in-a-paper-towel-and-go' philosophy, Swapples are the waffles you can eat any time of day. Because you always deserve more fruits and veggies.



Your morning bagel, without the blood sugar crash or bloating. Speckled with poppy, garlic, sesame and onion, they’re made entirely from high energy veggies instead of processed and refined flours. Oh, and did we mention they're a third of the calories? Amen!

Pairings we love: cream cheese, avocado, eggs, greens, hummus, soups

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Garlicky Greens

Think of them as...green garlic bread. Packed with nutritional powerhouses like spinach, kale, and broccoli, they’re a perfect way for the garlic lover to get some more veggies in.

Pairings we love: olive oil, butter/buttery spread, hummus, soups, h

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Tomato Pizza_Transparent.png

Tomato Pizza

Imagine a world where you get to have pizza AND veggies AND waffles in one. Guess what? You're in it. These are a no-brainer for the pizza addict who can't kick their cravings. The yuca root provides a crispy-soft crust-like texture, and the tomato and Italian spices bring the flavor. Think beyond breakfast - this flavor is just as good for lunch or dinner!

Pairings we love: cheese, basil, pesto, hummus, nutritional yeast, salads



Muffin lovers, rejoice! This flavor will remind you of your favorite fluffy morning treat but without the grains, butter, and sugar overload. Studded with whole, juicy blueberries and sweetened with only 1 teaspoon of coconut palm sugar, they’re perfect for the sweet tooth looking for something healthier.

Pairings we love: nut butters, coconut oil, yogurt, goat cheese, honey



Do you live for French toast, cinnamon rolls and Snickerdoodle cookies? We feel you. Curb the cravings with veggies instead! Wake up to the warming, comforting smell of cinnamon with just a touch of coconut palm sugar.

Pairings we love: nut butters, coconut oil, yogurt, tahini, honey, jams & jellies

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