I nearly blacked out in the middle of my junior year of college. It had been happening for months. I couldn't focus, I felt weak and light-headed. After a visit to the doctor, the answer was simple: "Cut out all sugar from your diet for 1 year.. yes, even fruit."

In reading hundreds of nutrition labels, I discovered just how much sugar I had been eating... and not from 'sweets'. Surprisingly, it was from things that I was led to believe were 'healthy.' The whole wheat bread on my turkey sandwich. The 'fat-free' sauce on my pasta. The granola bar, the'high-fiber' cereal, the protein powder - 50g of added sugar a day! And where were all the fruits and vegetables?

Sugar was everywhere, and the only way to avoid it was to start from scratch. I grabbed a spatula, and switched to a real food diet. My vegetable intake grew tenfold, my protein sourced from grass-fed meats and fish, my fats from olive oil and nuts. I slept better, I thought more clearly, I gained stamina and strength. It was fantastic... but it took a lot of time and work. I thought, "why can't there just be convenience food made only from FOOD?"

Fast forward 2 years, and I answered that question by founding SWAP. We believe in....


We help you eat healthier, no matter how busy you are. When you choose our products, you're 'swapping' artificial for real, processed for whole, and added colors for natural ones. Make the SWAP, and you and your family can get one bite closer to living a healthy, wholesome lifestyle.


Rebecca Peress                                                         Founder, CEO